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Special Needs Dogs & Cats

Here are our 'always overlooked' animals that desperately need loving homes. All you true animal lovers, please consider opening your hearts and your homes to one of the following

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Gender/Age: M
Breed: Crossbreed
Colour: Fawn
Location: Edenbridge

Hello let me introduce myself my name is Ajay and I am 11 years old I'll be 12 in November this year so I suppose I am a senior citizen now. I am a crossbreed fairly large dog. Some people say I look mean and scary, but honestly, I am pretty pathetic really. Just treat me right and I'll be your best buddy.

I don't know much about my parents as I was born in Battersea dogs home all I know is my mum was a staffy and sadly died a few weeks after me & my brothers and sisters were born. So, we got fostered out and I went to stay with my human mummy, who later adopted me. I was only 4 weeks old when I first stayed with her. Unfortunately, we were all born with Hepatitis and I was the only surviving pup from a family of 11. I also had a slight heart murmur and a condition called blue eye so vet said I had to stay in the dark with these regular eye drops and medication to treat my hepatitis. So unfortunately, I wasn't really allowed to socialize with other dogs in case I made them ill. Anyway, my human mum fell head over heels in love with me and decided to keep me as well as another dog she was fostering called Gizmo she was a staffy.

Mum nursed me back to health and I can honestly say I have been fine. Me & Gizmo became best buddies. We did everything together and had a wonderful 9 years together, but she was taken from us with cancer. And I really missed her. it was horrible for a while, mum found a couple of small lumps on my chest and took me to the vet to make sure it wasn't the dreaded C word, vet said I was fine just had a couple of fatty lumps so all good.

My mum's daughter left home and got a new dog who often comes over to play and occasionally stays over. It took me a while to get used to her after Gizmo, she was my soul mate. This girl is okay sometimes we sneak in mum's bed when she gets out. Mum caught us having a lay in together. She just laughs and took a picture. ........ that's us can't beat a nice soft duvet to keep you warm. There's nothing better than snuggling up with my mum and having a cuddle. Got my own bed and duvet, but love to sneak in for a cuddle in mum's bed now and again.
Let me tell you I do like a lay in and my sleep, I am getting old now but I can still have a mad half hour when my friend comes to play. If we get mucky mum runs us a bath and I quite happily jump in. Sometimes mum has to help me get in.

Then I just stand still whilst she shampoos me and gives me a good scrub. I can jump out when she's finished and love a good shake then rub down with the towel. Don't get the hair dryer on me I don't like it. After the bath is when I sometimes have my mad half hour, I love to chase around trying to dry myself. Then mum puts me in the sofa with my duvet so I can keep warm until I'm completely dry or if it's a sunny hot day I love a sunbathing in the garden.
What else do you want to know about me. I like to be fed once in the morning and then in the evening usually after a walk. (Get to that in a minute) for breakfast I like some Harrington or burns biscuits with some wet food in usually pedigree chum or occasionally mum might have some meat left over from her cooking and lets me have that. I don't like massive meals it makes me sick if you over feed me, just enough to keep me going till the evening meal.

Walkies I am used to walking on a harness sometimes mum double leads me one to my collar and one on the harness as I am very strong I don't really pull her, but I get a bit nervous around other dogs in public so mum never lets me off. Sometimes I get a bit freaked and might bark and my hackles go up on my back but mum usually distracts me with her treats in her pocket. I have never bitten anyone human or dog but think I am just a bit protective over mum when we're out. I love humans but a bit unsure if you got a hoodie on or you raise your voice I don't like that.

When I am at home I am happy to let anyone in and stroke me. I usually run and get my cushion or a teddy to greet them or you with when I hear the door. I haven't been around very young children so I think I would be best suited to teenagers and over if you have them. Or I'd be quite happy if you were an older I am not too fussy just as long as I am loved fed and kept safe. I live with a cat as well so that's no problem.

Unfortunately, mum has to give me up as she is going to work abroad and the rented accommodation won't allow me to stay with her. So, she's doing her best to find me a loving home as she knows I wouldn't cope being in a kennel. I need a bit of comfort in my old age. So, if you think you can have me in my senior years get in touch. I am house trained never ever messed indoors. I never chewed anything up other than one of my toys. I have been neutered so I am not a randy dog too old for that now prefer a sleep and a few treats. My mum is really upset that she has to let me go but I know she's doing her best to make sure I am alright. So, if you can give an old boy a home and cuddles and a back scratch that's my favourite get in touch. Look forward to meeting you

Love Ajay

AJay is looking for a new home due to know fault of his own. Please see the owners report on him and the reasons why they need to find him a new home. AJay is being rehomed from home, so please contact me direct Adrienne Ramsey 077825 44913 or age@blueyonder.co.uk for more information which I can forward on, or to arrange a meet and greet. AJay is currently living in Eltham London All Last Chance Animal Rescue procedures will be adhered too, please check out our web site for further information www.lastchanceanimalrescue.co.uk AJay is neutered and microchipped, all vaccinations will be started on day of Adoption.




Gender/Age: Female
Breed: Patterdale
Colour: Black
Location: Edenbridge

Maddy is looking for a new home due to know fault of her own.
Please see the owners report on this very sad and desperate case, and the reasons why she wants to find her a new home.
Maddy is being rehomed from home, so please contact me direct Adrienne Ramsey 077825 44913 or age@blueyonder.co.uk for more information which I can forward on, or to arrange a meet and greet.

Maddy is currently living in Worthing. All Last Chance Animal Rescue procedures will be adhered too, please check out our web site for further information www.lastchanceanimalrescue.co.uk

I am absolutely devastated to have to make the decision to rehome my wonderful Patterdale terrier Maddy due to changes in my personal circumstances. I adopted Maddy in 2011 when she had been rescued from death row after being on a puppy farm for a year, she was being fostered with 6 lurchers and couldn’t look at people and didn’t respond to petting or cuddles. She is a different dog now !

At that time I lived with my husband and two aduIt children in a house with a large secure, enclosed garden. I separated from my husband and moved into a flat with a garden but it’s not enclosed, my adult son was living with me, and we were able to look after Maddy. I am now divorcing, and will have to move, and my son moved out last September. I work an hour and a half drive away, and Maddy is left alone for up to 11 hours a day. I have a dog walker but that just isn’t enough. She is so sad when I leave her in the morning it breaks my heart and when I come home she races round the flat bringing me her toy and jumping up at me. She is just so adorable.

Maddy is a sparky little terrier and when we first got her she had been fostered with dogs but was wary of people. This has changed over time and she loves people but is not so good other dogs. She loves my parents lurcher x collie, and is also fine with my brothers parsons terrier, who doesn’t equally like other dogs, but they have got used to each other. She has worn a muzzle for the past year as on two occasions dogs have come up behind her out of houses, off the lead, when she is on the lead, and got in her space.

Maddy is walked on the flexi-lead as she is a typical Patterdale with no road sense and selective re-call ! When we are out she will be inquisitive with other dogs and other owners will socialise their dogs with Maddy and she allows them to sniff around her, and will sit down and wait whilst I am chatting to other owners. People are always stopping me and commenting on how cute she is and children frequently ask to stroke her. She is true Patterdale and always alert and sniffing out foxes and squirrels, and loves to jump on and off walls to chase them. She has two walks a day of 45 mins each time, and a 20 minute round the block in the evening in the week, and then longer walks at the weekend. She doesn’t like the heat at all, as her black coat absorbs the heat, so very short walks are required then.

Maddy loves to be out in the crowds, watching everything, and really trots along and responds to the buzz around her. She has never been a problem with friend’s children, even when they are petting her and noisy around her. She will chase them if they run. She loves lots of cuddles and crashes out with me on the sofa but I don’t let her on the bed, though she sleeps in with me on her bed and will sneakily try to jump up sometimes.

She is really inquisitive and clever and knows commands, sit, down, wait, leave, and up. She barks at the door and sometimes at people walking past but is not an incessant barker. She loves the water, we are on the beach all the time and she swim’s well in steams on country walks.

She loves to play fetch with a ball, but this is short lived, and also tug games. She loves soft toys but these need to be quite durable as she will chew them up. She never chews or scratches furniture, carpets, shoes etc. She will roll on leather shoes or bags though, very strange! She loves cucumber, celery, carrots and any dog treats, she would probably eat anything if she could get it, I give her cheese as a very special treat and sometimes leftover cooked meat in her bowl. She is not possessive over food, bed or toys at all with my parent’s or brothers dog. She allows them to have her food and bed and will just lie on the floor.

She has always occasionally hopped and lifted her back right leg, it’s so cute, she looks like she’s skipping. I did ask the vet about it in February 2017, as for a short time it increased, she said it could be a luxating patella, or she had just sprained it. This improved and there has been no further problem except the very odd hop. There are no health issues and her vaccinations have always been up to date. She is neutered, micro-chipped and I have always insured her. Flea and worming are up to date.

She has James Wellbeloved adult dry food and is at normal weight. She walks with a pull at times, and can jaywalk when looking at different things. She doesn’t appear particularly bothered by cats but has never been in close proximity. We can easily walk past when they are on the path. I think she would benefit from a household that is dog/terrier experienced and is at home more than I can be, so she can run in and out of the garden. She used to spend hours trying to get to rats under the garden shed at my old house. I also think, potentially, she would enjoy being with another dog, if someone has the time and experience to manage this, as she is so bouncy and playful with my parents dog.

She doesn’t like fireworks and she does love the car, looking out the window, she gets over excited getting in but soon settles down. I use a harness or the crate in the boot. It breaks my heart to get rid of her because I love her but it’s just not fair to her, she deserves more from her life. She gives so much joy and love. I have been so upset when talking about this she comes and nuzzles right into my face, she is such a bright emotionally aware dog, better than most people I know ! Anyone would get so much out of her she is simply adorable.

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Gender/Age: Female 14mths
Breed: Japanese cross American Akita
Colour: Black & fawn
Location: Edenbridge

After being contact with one of your colleagues, it deeply saddens us to put up our beautiful pup for re-homing. Unforeseen circumstances have unfortunately come to light and we won't be able to provide her with the attention and time that she needs although we so very much wish we could.

It is with the deepest regret we find ourselves in the circumstances that result in piecing together this letter. We are sadly having to rehome Maya due to work commitments and family issues at home where I am having to move out the family house.

We’ve had Maya since end of July 2017, in which we have thoroughly enjoyed our time and tried our upmost to give her the best conditions possible.

We originally saw Maya (previously called Stella) in an advertisement from a young family located in Letchworth Garden City, who bought her from a local breeder. They informed us that they were in an unfortunate situation of being evicted from their premises by the Landlord who was wanting to sell the property, and couldn’t find any rented affordable accommodation that would allow dogs, so reluctantly put her up for rehoming on pets4homes.co.uk. The family themselves had two children, one being 10-12 years of age and the other being under 5 years of age, which Maya seemed very comfortable around. The house was small and did have a garden even smaller in which it was paved entirely of concrete slab. They also transferred over possession of her crate, which although had been used by her previous owners, we ultimately did not, and soon after disposed of.

When we first met Maya to greet and collect her (in a nearby park), she was quite shy/fickle to meet us and hid behind her owners. She didn’t act aggressive and was simply more interested in her surroundings. Eventually I took her on the lead and she was absolutely fine with it although looking over at her owners who were walking a short distance behind. Eventually, we walked back to her home, where she did display some territorial behaviour in the form of moderate howling. Again, no clear signs of aggression were displayed.

When we eventually put her in the car and made our way home, she was very quiet in the back and curled herself into a ball and didn’t distress with the journey nor driving, I imagine just nervous and confused by the situation of being removed from her ‘family’. Upon arriving at ours, again she was unsure of herself and where she was, becoming idle in the garden and remaining there for a short while or so before partaking in playing with her toys that were handed to us.

We initially kept her downstairs, closing her off into the kitchen/dining room area/utility room as it was all tiled and waterproof (as we weren’t sure how toilet trained she was). It was apparent that she was quite unconfident of herself in the new environment which resulted her in making mess over night when she was left alone. These continued for a short while after, however saw significant improvement when we allowed her upstairs to sleep nearer to us, be it the landing or in the door way to our rooms.

Maya will indicate the need for the toilet in a wining manner just as she does with food, however, sometimes she cannot be clear as you may think she just wants you to play with her so we tend to keep track on how many times she has been outside just in case. Her prey drive is quite high, and something we’ve actively tried to discourage the excitement generated when she’s spotted a smaller animal.

We both have now been relocated to London for work and it is simply unfair to keep Maya on her own all day in the house when she requires exercise and attention. Maya is a very affectionate dog who doesn’t like being left on her own for very long. We had her spaded in September just after her first season – was in season with previous owners, she is also up to date with vaccinations, she will also be mircochipped and given four weeks free insurance.

Below is a list of compiled traits we feel it is worth mentioning.
Good points

• Gentle in nature, food can be withdrawn with absolutely no aggressive reaction.
• Good with playing, gently bites when playing and will stop immediately when instructed to.
• Likes toys especially squeaky ones or a ball on a rope.
• She loves moist/wet food (not overly keen on dry biscuit and tends to ignore it, we went through quite a few brands!) We now give her a combination of the brand Hi-Life and pedigree meat jelly.
• Loves tuna (Has been known to jump up onto kitchen counters to quickly dispose of!) Pigs ears, Dental Sticks (we noticed decay which was slightly more progressed for her age when we first got her and have found the dental sticks helped clear this up), cold fresh water.
• Calm and patient around children.
• Tolerates car journeys well.
• Understands basic commands.
• Nonchalant when she’s been showered/cleaned and doesn’t try to avoid or escape.
• Behaviour on the lead is good, experience with using a Halti harness/lead.
• Very much a tail wiggler when greeting you!

Not so great points

• Extremely excitable around other dogs, albeit we have never seen aggressive behaviour from her towards them. We tend to not take her off the lead with other dogs around. When we believe there are no other dogs around, and therefore have left her off the lead, she will usually keep a relatively close distance, but there have been instances where she has spotted a dog a considerable distance away and charged over to them, but no aggression!
• Doesn’t like loud metallic noises such as an ironing board being constructed, motor noises such as the hover, and will remove herself swiftly from the area.
• Her Halti – we were advised by a dog trainer to use one of these s Maya is very strong with pulling. We have found the Halti very useful and much easier to control her and would advise to continue using – although Maya is still not 100% comfortable using and will try and drag it off.
• Maya is a terrific jumper and has now worked out how to jump medium level fences so needs to have a garden with high level fencing.
• Can become very agitated, animated and vocal at night if there are foxes and cats engaging in territorial disputes. Again down to excitement and her own territorial instincts.
• Likes to push her paw at you which can inadvertently catch you straight in the face! Obviously accidentally when it happens

All in all Maya is a terrific dog, we couldn’t have asked for a more lovable loyal Akita. We really hope a suitable family is found who are able to give her more time than what we currently are able to give. We wouldn’t be making this decision if it wasn’t the case and are really dreading parting with her. We are currently able to keep her with us on a ‘Home from Home’ basis for the mean while.

Maya is looking for a new home due to know fault of her own. Please see the owners report, and the reasons why they want to find him a new home. Maya is being rehomed from home, so please contact me direct Adrienne Ramsey 077825 44913 or age@blueyonder.co.uk for more information which I can forward on, or to arrange a meet and greet. Maya is currently living in Sanderstead. All Last Chance Animal Rescue procedures will be adhered too, please check out our web site for further information www.lastchanceanimalrescue.co.uk

Poppy & Roman

Poppy & Roman

Gender/Age: Female & Male 6yrs
Breed: Doberman cross mastiff - French bulldog cross Chihuahua
Colour: Rust and dark brown brindle / Brindle
Location: Edenbridge

Poppy and little Roman are currently living in Maidstone. All Last Chance Animal Rescue procedures will be adhered too, please check out our web site for further information www.lastchanceanimalrescue.co.uk

Here are two very special dogs with a very special relationship.
Poppy and Roman have been with us since they were puppies,we originally brought poppy first and then Roman shortly afterwards to keep her company when we were at work....I know what your thinking....two puppies at the same time,you must be mad! Yes it was hard work to say the least but with consistent training and remembering they are puppies and will make mistakes they have bloomed into well rounded,house trained beauties.

At that time we only had one child so walks were all our favourite pastimes with the dogs,we would take them to the biggest parks with woodland as they enjoy chasing each other and poppy loves galloping through the woods,I say gallop because she really does gallop!

Over the years our family has expanded and slowly but surely with each child that has come and depends on us our poor poppy and roman have felt the brunt of it by not getting as much attention as they need and there walking needs are not being met.

Poppy is the biggest of the two she really is the gentle giant,her father was a beautiful majestic Doberman and her mother was said to be a mastiff X Staffordshire bull terrier. She is wary of strangers at first and likes to suss people out,if she is unfamiliar of someone and they immediately go to stroke her she will dodge their hand almost quite snootily she takes a little time to warm up to people,this may well be a trust thing.

Once poppy does know you she is the most gentle,loving,patient and loyal dog you’d ever meet,she has never shown any aggression towards anyone in the family and is very well socialised with children of all ages,she loves long walks and needs them too,she knows paw,sit and lie down she also despite her size thinks she’s a lap dog and if encouraged to sit on a lap or a sofa will lap up the attention!

She is also perfect at bath time and at the groomers.
She loves her food and has been known to eat a variety of different foods that have come her way especially when the children throw their food off there high chairs,she waits patiently in front of them most meal times so she also doubles up as a hoover we often say and laugh about it.

She loves chicken especially.
She is a unique colour and in the summer her brindle colouring almost looks like a tiger as she has a very orangey brindle that lighten even more during the summer months. She is beautiful.

Roman is the smaller of the two his mother was a French bulldog and father a Chihuahua,he definitely has the spirit of a Chihuahua,little,feisty and courageous!

Roman is a very unique looking dog and often gets stopped and asked about his breed. He is a dote to people and dogs he knows and is socialised with, but his horns rear when he comes across any other dogs,he is kept on a lead unless he is in a space we know no other dogs will be around as he shows aggression towards other dogs,he’s perfectly fine with new people and will approach them and bark for attention on initial meeting,other than that he only barks when the door knocks,when Poppy does or when he’s showing aggression towards other dogs.

He gets on with older children better,he likes older children and just about tolerates younger children as he doesn’t like the unpredictability of younger children and it leads him to growl.
He loves to sit of laps and be stoked on his tummy he also likes being under blankets and squashed spaces eg under peoples legs. He likes the warmth.

Roman is good in the bath but does not like the groomers trimming his nails or the hair dryer,we call him the grumpy old man sometimes.

He loves tidbits and you will always find him around your feet when you are doing anything that concerns cheese as he loves it and gets all the loose bits when you are grating it!
Roman also knows sit and paw and is house trained all though we do crate him at night times as he likes his own space sometimes as poppy likes to share with him most of the day which leads him scrunched up in a corner somewhere due to her size.

They absolutely adore each other,they are the best of friends and also had an accident litter of 11 puppies so they are pretty much an old married couple so would have to be rehomed together.

The kind of forever home they are looking for is perhaps a more matured couple with grown up children and the space for them inside the house and inside their hearts.
Ideally someone who will be home most of the time so maybe retired and has the time to walk them at least twice a day.

It would be nice for them to be spoilt again and be one of the main focuses in the household and not coming second fiddle to children or other pets.
The are really good characters and any owners would be proud,lucky and honoured to have them like we have been.

It really does hurt my heart that we have to see them go but we know it would be selfish of us to keep them and deprive them of what we know they need.

Poppy and little Roman is looking for a new home due to know fault of her own. Please see the owners report on the reasons why they want to find these little darlings a new home. Poppy and Roman are being rehomed from home, so please contact me direct Adrienne Ramsey 077825 44913 or age@blueyonder.co.uk for more information which I can forward on, or to arrange a meet and greet.



Gender/Age: Female 8-10yrs
Breed: Staffie
Colour: Brindle
Location: Edenbridge

Owners report below
Bailey has had a hard life, she is an older girl, and it looks as if she had been bred quite a lot. She was found abandoned in Chingford, in a shocking state. She had little fur on half her body, dental damage, and was severely underweight and filthy dirty.
Happily, under our care, she has bounced back and is now a beautiful, chunky little girl. I often get stopped by fellow dog owners asking what I feed her as her coat is so shiny.
Bailey, has poor vision, and often walks into things, she can be nervous in a new environment, but once she gets her bearings she is the happiest, most loving dog. Bailey is very small for her breed, and loves nothing more than to curl up next to, or ideally on, someone she trusts. Bailey does not like a lot of exercise, a twenty minute walk and a few sniffs round the garden and she is happy. She really does love just to sit on her favourite blanket and sleep next to her companion.
Bailey would make an excellent companion for an older person. She loves being around people and is ridiculously affectionate. Bailey thrives on routine, she can be left for a few hours and is very well behaved in the car.
Due to Baileys poor vision she needs to be the only dog in the house, as she can get spooked by dogs suddenly jumping on her.
Bailey is such a soft, loving dog, she really needs someone to spend time watching TV with, snuggling on the sofa and getting cuddles.

Further Information.

Bailey is not recieiving any medication and is in tip top condition. She fed senior dog food twice a day, she has no issues over her food. She will actually eat anything, but currently senior with high protein.
She is good on the lead and does not pull, she is most happy when in the garden, she will go out for walks but really doesn't like being out for long, general rule about 10 mins, 20 if you are lucky. She is good with other dogs, she is not bothered by them whilst out, only if they jump on her as she can not see them coming and also have not enough time to spell them approuching.
Bailey was found as a stray and handed into a vets, a friend of the owner worked there and knew that they were looking or a companian for there other dog, hoping they would be interested otherwise she was going to be put to sleep. Luckily they took her, she had all the treatment and came home to live with them. The owners have had her for two years now, Bailey enjoyed her life with them until recently and is now not getting on with the other dog. We feel it is due to her being older and the other dog being younger, lively and boisterous. This is too much for Bailey, she can't see him coming, she can't read his body language and becomes startled and stressed by his presence. It is such a shame as they were really good friends and spent many hours cuddled up together.
Due to the stress to both dogs they are currently kept seperate within the home.
Bailey has never shown any agression of any type to people or other dogs she even has cats living at the home, but not directly in the house.
We are looking for a nice quiet home, without any other pets, a more homely person not to active person/s who are at home most of the day to cuddle up and snooze with there new good friend.

The owners are happy to travel anywhere for a meet and greet, the welfare of this beautiful little dog is there main concern.

Bailey is looking for a new home due to know fault of her own. Please see the owners report on her and the reasons why they want to find her a new home. Bailey is being rehomed from home, so please contact me direct Adrienne Ramsey 077825 44913 or age@blueyonder.co.uk for more information which I can forward on, or to arrange a meet and greet.

Bailey is currently living in Essex All Last Chance Animal Rescue procedures will be adhered too, please check out our web site for further information www.lastchanceanimalrescue.co.uk vaccinated, flea/worm treated, microchipped



Gender/Age: Male 7yrs
Breed: Jack Russell
Colour: White & tan
Location: Edenbridge

Skip needs an experienced adult home with no other animals. He is a housetrained boy but would play with his water and chase birds and squirrels in the garden. He is a lazy devil who loves to sleep in his bed, he would sleep through the night as well as fancy a good nap during the day! He is very dominant and would be resistant to any pressure or retraining. However, when you know his behaviour he is not a problem at all. He is very much loved by staff at Last Chance but we would all love to see him settled in a home of his own.

Magic, Paddy & Maddy

Magic, Paddy & Maddy

Magic, Paddy & Maddy

Magic, Paddy & Maddy

Gender/Age: Female, Male & Female 5/½yrs & 4yrs
Breed: Short haired
Colour: Tortie & White, Tabby & White and Tortie
Location: Edenbridge

We wanna be free

We wanna run,
we want to hide,
we wanna tear down the walls that hold us inside,
we wanna reach out and touch the grass
we wanna show our personalities,
without being scared,
we wanna to be free
we wanna live,
we wanna be heard,
we wanna be free...
oh please why won't you help us three

Hello kind readers. My name is Magic and I am a very pretty tortie and white girl, 5yrs old. I know I am pretty because everyone says so!

When I was a kitten I was bought by a lady who was very unwell. She put me in her shed and there I stayed. I was never neutered and so I was constantly fighting off big tom cats and other animals in the garden. I became pregnant again and again, and I loved my little kittens so much, but they all died or were carried off by other animals. I did my best to protect them, but I am only a little cat and there was nothing I could do.

I was the saddest, loneliest cat. One day my owner was taken away and another lady came and took things out of the house. She came to the shed and found me, frightened and starving and she took me to Last Chance. I was given a lovely house, with its own heater! I had a cosy bed and lots of food, and when I gave birth to my last two babies, I had enough milk to feed them and I was able to protect them. Unfortunately I was so desperate not to lose them, I didn’t want anyone to come near us and I think people thought I was not very nice. I taught my little ones to be scared of people because I thought that would keep them safe. I had not been very well in my shed, and I and my babies had the most terrible flu. At the time when we would normally have been socialised we were getting lots of treatment to make us better and this was hard for my kittens as they started to associate humans with tablets and going to the vet.

I have the most beautiful son called Paddy. He is a huge, handsome tabby and white boy and we love each other so much. Because I find it hard to bond with people, if I lost him I would have nothing, so we are looking for a loving home together with very patient people. I love to sit in comfy chairs on soft blankets, I love catnip and toys and when the wind blows, I race around with my ears flat, and you would think I was 6 months old. Paddy is very sweet and loves to wind around the legs of the lady who looks after us. When she strokes him, he purrs and he is so gentle. It would take a while for a new person to develop this kind of relationship with him, but once they did, he would be a big softie and I know they would love him.

My daughter Maddy is a gorgeous, dark brindle tortie, a big gentle girl. If we cannot all go to a home together, she would love a home with a very sweet, kind cat who could become her friend and show her the ropes. She is the most shy of the three of us, but she is not aggressive. She is extremely playful, loves catnip, toys and dreamies and she is curious and funny. Her favourite place to sit is on a very soft, comfy cushion in a warm spot, and if the sun is shining she will lounge all day. We all love climbing up our tall scratching posts and we will be hunters. We can catch anything!

Last Chance has done the most amazing thing for me, they saved my life, they gave me shelter, food, warmth, love and treatment when I needed it. They have looked after my babies and given us endless toys and treats, a wonderful space to play and race about, but what we need now is a home of our own, where we can be with kind people and have games and toys. We would love a garden with trees and sunshine, and very importantly we would love lots of cosy places to curl up and sleep. Unfortunately I cannot tolerate other cats, but we could be homed with gentle children 8yrs and over if they are happy to play with us with things on strings, and don’t mind taking time to develop a relationship with us. Lots of people look at us, but they want us to be friendly straight away and sit on laps, and that’s not something we can offer. If you take us home, and give us time to settle in, you will find we are funny, playful, curious, and you would be doing something wonderful by giving us a safe, loving home where we can be happy and free.

Please spread the word about these little darlings, they have waited too long for a chance to live a real fulfilled life, to run free, to touch the grass to climb a tree to play hunt, to feel the wind, rain and snow, to brask in the suns rays, to sniff, to touch to hear the real world around them.

NO animal should have to live their first four years in a cattery, due to know fault of their own, please someone show some mercy, comparsion, LET THEM BE FREE.





Gender/Age: Male 5yrs
Breed: Boxer X
Colour: White & Tan
Location: Edenbridge


"Life is too precious to be left to chance

Take a chance on me and I will prove how worthy your life is

If you just give me a chance, I could be the dog you've never dreamed of and never wanted"

Oh, where are you, that special person that can give this darling boy a chance of a normal happy life. Buster has been with us too, too long, he needs his chance. Buster is suffering hard, he is losing weight continuously due to KENNEL STRESS and it's not fair, he is such a lovely boy, he loves to play and is so affectionate and loving when he knows you.

Buster is a big strong handsome boy who will need lots of exercise. He is strong on a lead and needs a fit active owner to share his love of fun and long walks, but he can misbehave by biting and tugging on the lead on occasions, we find he is much better if he is on a harness, a lot of this is down to sheer excitement for the love of being out of the kennels.

Buster was O.K with some other dogs, but due to being in the kennels and suffering kennel stress he has lost the ability at present to understand the body language, some of it is out pure frustration.

Our Buster is not used to other animals now, so we are suggesting a home with NO other animals, also as has been with us for quite some time which is breaking my heart, he is now wary of strangers, not surprising really, so introductions need to be done with strangers. Due to his over exuberance and size we would not like him to be home with children, he has actually lived with young children but the previous owner found it too much of a handful to cope with him and the youngsters. He is a loveable chap who adores cuddly toys.

Ops, I nearly forgot, Buster needs a really secure garden as he is a little monkey, like I said he loves his walks and being out and about, so if he doesn't get it he will look for away to take himself out and about. We would also feel as he doesn't currently like other animals, best he doesn't live next door to any.

I know what you are thinking, but see past this, this wonderful dog needs a chance and in the right home and environment he could and will become a totally different dog, he just needs a confident, loving, firm, active owner that can give HIM the time to become the NEW BUSTER BOY.

If you feel you can offer him a loving home please call 01732 865530 10am-3pm to speak to the Manager Yuri or Assistant Manager who know this dog very well and can give you lots of information about him.



Gender/Age: Female 7-8yrs
Breed: Collie X
Colour: Black & white
Location: Edenbridge

Bess is a girl with a character, she needs a lot of space and 100% devotion and is better suited to experienced dog owners or even better one-to-one. At one stage she has lived with a cat, so she may accept a cat as a companion. She doesn"t like other dogs! When Bess was only 5 months old she ran into a lane where she lived and was hit by a 4x4. As a result she had 4 pins in her neck and so must be walked with a harness. She doesn't have any health issues as a result of the trauma but she doesn"t like it when you touch/fiddle around her neck or back of her head.

She is very good in doors and can be left for 3-4 hrs. Also loves her food and would eat her food slowly just enjoying it.

Danny Boy

Danny Boy

Gender/Age: Male 3-4yrs
Breed: Scottie x
Colour: Black
Location: Edenbridge

Oh Danny boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling
From glen to glen, and down the mountain side
The summer's gone, and all the flowers are dying
'Tis you, 'tis you must go and I must bide.

But come ye back when summer's in the meadow
Or when the valley's hushed and white with snow
'Tis I'll be here in sunshine or in shadow
Oh Danny boy, oh Danny boy, I love you so.

And if you come, when all the flowers are dying
And I am dead, as dead I well may be
You'll come and find the place where I am lying
And kneel and say an "Ave" there for me.

And I shall hear, tho' soft you tread above me
And all my dreams will warm and sweeter be
If you'll not fail to tell me that you love me
I'll simply sleep in peace until you come to me.

I'll simply sleep in peace until you come to me.

Danny Boy is a lovely boy once he knows you, he has to have a female owner on a one to one basis, this is all due to him being mistreated. Unfortunately this poor sad little lad, through no fault of his own was kicked and abused in his previous home, living day after day in constant fear, hiding and cowling away from his owner.

This is a very sad case due Danny Boy"s previous male owner who was sadly suffering with-Alzheimers and didn"t realise what he was inflicting on his once best friend.

Please therefore understand why our darling sad, confused, untrustworthy, frightened little Danny boy can be unpredictable towards men, and is quite nervous when first meeting you and needs to settle in slowly. Is there someone out there that can reassure him, give back the love he once knew, to enable him to trust that once again, like the song above will there ever be any pipes a calling for our Danny Boy?????? Or does he have to continue to hope, dream, wish for someone to call his name.

Look into those eyes, see his pain, reach out to him, give him a chance, give him time to trust you, give him back his life, give him the confidence, patience and love that he needs, LOVE that we all need. I know the right person is out there, make our Danny Boy"s wish come true, a loving home this Christmas, that day and every other one there on, FIND HIM PLEASE.



Gender/Age: Male
Breed: Staffie
Colour: Brindle
Location: Edenbridge

My Fears
© Samantha Medlin

Getting left behind
Not being loved
No one understanding
No one caring
are my fears

I was lost
No one tried to
find me
No one cared
No one listened

Wishing for another chance
Wishing for someone who
will come and save me
from myself.

Look at this beautiful boy's face, can you not see the hope that is in his eyes, he is crying out to be loved. Alfie has been with us too long now, I really want to find him a calm, quiet, home. Alfie is still learning and needs extra help from a patient owner to show him the ropes. Unfortunately our darling boy can get very stressed out about some things, so I am looking for that understanding owner to help our boy. The staff here understands what are his needs, and find it very easy to accomplished, so if you think you can offer this little chap a life line, please give us a call.

We all need to be understood, Alfie is no different with your help he just might get there. Please don't let him keep wishing and hoping that someone will come in today and take him away, how many more times does his hopes have to be dash, why can't someone give him a chance, please help take his and my pain away, and let him live new life away from the rescue.

Alfie is a very lively lad, who can be a little unpredictable. He is full of life and needs lots of exercise and would probably be best homed to someone who has experience of the breed. Alfie is good with other dogs but needs a calm home so we are suggesting no children.

If you feel you can offer him a loving home please call 01732 865530 10am-3pm to speak to the Manager Yuri or Assistant Manager Jenny who know this dog very well and can give you lots of information about him.

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