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Special Needs Dogs & Cats

Here are our 'always overlooked' animals that desperately need loving homes. All you true animal lovers, please consider opening your hearts and your homes to one of the following

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Gender/Age: Female 13yrs
Breed: Border Collie X
Colour: Black & White
Location: Edenbridge

Darling Tottie This poor old girl is looking for a new home. I went around to meet her myself, she really is a true sweet heart, very affectionate and calm, but a extremely happy girl. She was very friendly to me, a complete stranger, she introduced herself with good manners and even wanted me to play with her.

A very good natured easy going, happy dog.

Please see the owners report on her sweet Tottie, and their reasons why they want to find her a new home.

Tottie is being rehomed from home, so please contact me direct Adrienne Ramsey 077825 44913 or age@blueyonder.co.uk for more information or to arrange a meet and greet.

Tottie is currently living in Crawley, West Sussex near to Gatwick Airport. All Last Chance Animal Rescue procedures will be adhered too, please check out our web site for further information www.lastchanceanimalrescue.co.uk

Tottie is a border collie, apparently crossed with labrador, but she is very collie in looks and nature! She is 13 years young and we've had her since she was 8 weeks old.

She is still full of energy but very occasionally she has a wobble on her back legs and they give way but she shakes it off off and moves on. She likes to let you know she's around by barking when outside at anyone walking past the fence with a dog! She hates thunder and fireworks and gets very agitated if she hears either. She'll jump up and scratch at the door to let you know she wants company. She is quite hard of hearing now and often doesn't stir unless you are right by her or hears a big bang or thud. She loves being outside in the garden and loves to get involved with garden chores like sweeping! She loves catching bubbles when the kids play, or catching leaves in the autumn. She is a bit funny around bbqs... as soon as one is lit she will pace around and bark at it...just the highly strung collie in her! She is becoming a bit incontinent of late, sometimes there is a little patch of urine on the ground or in her bed when she stands up. This can be sorted out by medication, please speak to me Adrienne for further information, and don't worry it does not cost a lot.

She is extremely affectionate and loves company. She gets on well with children of all ages and is very gentle. She has had the company of a cat in the past with no problems. She will occasionally snap at other dogs when out walking, but usually only if they run up and startle her. She walks well without a lead but struggles to hear when called now, so a long lead is probably wise.

We love Tottie so much but we cannot give her the attention she deserves any more. We work full time and have 2 children, one with additional needs, so Tots isn't getting the walks that she used to. We often have to spend time at the hospital with our daughter which means Tots is left for long periods of time. To get Tottie rehomed has been one of the hardest decisions we've ever had to make but in our heart of hearts we know we are not looking after as well as she needs.

In her old age she deserves a dedicated owner with lots of time for walks and spending time in the garden with her, and of course lots of cuddles and fuss! She will like a home with children around that don't overwhelm her now she's an older lady, maybe somewhere that grandchildren visit that can make a fuss of her in short bursts!



Gender/Age: Male 8yrs
Breed: Poodle
Colour: Apricot
Location: Edenbridge

"Tell Me, Lead Me, Show Me the Way"
Lead me, guide me, show me the light.
Lost in the darkness, unable to find my way.
Look into my eyes and tell me what you see,
Reach into my heart and tell me how to feel.

Tell me what my future holds, then tell me which path
I must take.
Answer all the questions that remain, then, please, fill me
With the hope of finding peace.

Hear me when I cry and be there to wipe my tears.
Feel my fear, then chase away the shadows that I bear give me a chance to a raise these fears, give me a life to depart all my fears, with a life there should not be no more tears.

Notes from Teddy's previous owner. What I love from Teddy (condensed)

He sits quietly at my feet when I am working at my computer. He loves his walks and is friendly with other dogs, even if they nip him, -bless his little soul” He sleeps well at night but he likes to stay up till you are ready to go to go to bed, he just wants to hear you. Teddy loves to bark at the postman (what dog doesn"t, you should be at mine) but he will respond when called. Teddy will respond to gentle and firm voice call, rewarded with a nice treat. (Who Wouldn"t?) Teddy loves chasing treats if you throw them, but won"t see where they go, but with encouragement he will try his hardest to seek them out and enjoy every second of doing it.

Teddy likes gentle encouragement and hearing you talk as I don"t believe he can see well enough to -read” faces. Let him know when you chat to him that he is and you are near.

Teddy"s challenges Teddy is one of these dogs that looks adorable and you want to pick him up and cuddle him all the time, guess what Teddy doesn"t want this sort of attention, he"s not a toy but a DOG. We are not sure that has happened to him in the past but I guess. He is a bit like my Bertie, well used to be, he was the most ferocious little dog you could have met. He was a handbag jobby and he hated it and made sure everyone who approached him knew it. Bertie is no devil anymore he is now a well controlled, stress free and happy little DOG. I believe this is why Teddy can be unpredictable in some situations, just like Bertie. Teddy is unsure of why you are stroking him and sometimes fearful of what you intend, so he will let you know he is scared and this results in a nip to a bite. (Just like Bertie). It is best you let him come to you or visitors, let him sniff you and get to know you without any physical attachment.

Teddy can be a lovely boy, however he is possessive over food and his bed, therefore we wouldn't recommend him living with children as he is very unpredictable. He is very protective over women, loves his food and is ok with other dogs although he doesn't like cats. Teddy will benefit from an experienced owner who will have the patience to put in some training as Teddy is willing to learn.

Teddy will make someone a lovely dog if only he was given the chance with a responsible, knowledgeable owner that is willing to help him with his fears and give him the confidence he is yearning for. Ideally to help gain this and make the training easier he could benefit with this if he was rehomed with another confident dog or dogs, who will help put him in his place, just like my BERTIE.

If you feel you can offer him a loving home please call 01732 865530 10am-3pm to speak to the Manager Yuri or Assistant Manager who know this dog very well and can give you lots of information about him, also I am happy to give advice and guidance regarding his training etc. Adrienne 07782544913.

www.lastchanceanimalrescue.co.uk Last Chance Animal Rescue, Registered Charity No. 1002349 if you would like to know more about me, please call us on 01732 865530 between 10 – 3, or via our web site above general@lastchanceanimalrescue.co.uk hoping to hear from you




Gender/Age: Male 5yrs
Breed: Boxer X
Colour: White & Tan
Location: Edenbridge


"Life is too precious to be left to chance

Take a chance on me and I will prove how worthy your life is

If you just give me a chance, I could be the dog you've never dreamed of and never wanted"

Oh, where are you, that special person that can give this darling boy a chance of a normal happy life. Buster has been with us too, too long, he needs his chance. Buster is suffering hard, he is losing weight continuously due to KENNEL STRESS and it's not fair, he is such a lovely boy, he loves to play and is so affectionate and loving when he knows you.

Buster is a big strong handsome boy who will need lots of exercise. He is strong on a lead and needs a fit active owner to share his love of fun and long walks, but he can misbehave by biting and tugging on the lead on occasions, we find he is much better if he is on a harness, a lot of this is down to sheer excitement for the love of being out of the kennels.

Buster was O.K with some other dogs, but due to being in the kennels and suffering kennel stress he has lost the ability at present to understand the body language, some of it is out pure frustration.

Our Buster is not used to other animals now, so we are suggesting a home with NO other animals, also as has been with us for quite some time which is breaking my heart, he is now wary of strangers, not surprising really, so introductions need to be done with strangers. Due to his over exuberance and size we would not like him to be home with children, he has actually lived with young children but the previous owner found it too much of a handful to cope with him and the youngsters. He is a loveable chap who adores cuddly toys.

Ops, I nearly forgot, Buster needs a really secure garden as he is a little monkey, like I said he loves his walks and being out and about, so if he doesn't get it he will look for away to take himself out and about. We would also feel as he doesn't currently like other animals, best he doesn't live next door to any.

I know what you are thinking, but see past this, this wonderful dog needs a chance and in the right home and environment he could and will become a totally different dog, he just needs a confident, loving, firm, active owner that can give HIM the time to become the NEW BUSTER BOY.

If you feel you can offer him a loving home please call 01732 865530 10am-3pm to speak to the Manager Yuri or Assistant Manager who know this dog very well and can give you lots of information about him.



Gender/Age: Female 7-8yrs
Breed: Collie X
Colour: Black & white
Location: Edenbridge

Bess is a girl with a character, she needs a lot of space and 100% devotion and is better suited to experienced dog owners or even better one-to-one. At one stage she has lived with a cat, so she may accept a cat as a companion. She doesn"t like other dogs! When Bess was only 5 months old she ran into a lane where she lived and was hit by a 4x4. As a result she had 4 pins in her neck and so must be walked with a harness. She doesn't have any health issues as a result of the trauma but she doesn"t like it when you touch/fiddle around her neck or back of her head.

She is very good in doors and can be left for 3-4 hrs. Also loves her food and would eat her food slowly just enjoying it.



Gender/Age: Male 7yrs
Breed: Jack Russell
Colour: White & tan
Location: Edenbridge

Skip needs an experienced adult home with no other animals. He is a housetrained boy but would play with his water and chase birds and squirrels in the garden. He is a lazy devil who loves to sleep in his bed, he would sleep through the night as well as fancy a good nap during the day! He is very dominant and would be resistant to any pressure or retraining. However, when you know his behaviour he is not a problem at all. He is very much loved by staff at Last Chance but we would all love to see him settled in a home of his own.

Danny Boy

Danny Boy

Gender/Age: Male 3-4yrs
Breed: Scottie x
Colour: Black
Location: Edenbridge

Oh Danny boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling
From glen to glen, and down the mountain side
The summer's gone, and all the flowers are dying
'Tis you, 'tis you must go and I must bide.

But come ye back when summer's in the meadow
Or when the valley's hushed and white with snow
'Tis I'll be here in sunshine or in shadow
Oh Danny boy, oh Danny boy, I love you so.

And if you come, when all the flowers are dying
And I am dead, as dead I well may be
You'll come and find the place where I am lying
And kneel and say an "Ave" there for me.

And I shall hear, tho' soft you tread above me
And all my dreams will warm and sweeter be
If you'll not fail to tell me that you love me
I'll simply sleep in peace until you come to me.

I'll simply sleep in peace until you come to me.

Danny Boy is a lovely boy once he knows you, he has to have a female owner on a one to one basis, this is all due to him being mistreated. Unfortunately this poor sad little lad, through no fault of his own was kicked and abused in his previous home, living day after day in constant fear, hiding and cowling away from his owner.

This is a very sad case due Danny Boy"s previous male owner who was sadly suffering with-Alzheimers and didn"t realise what he was inflicting on his once best friend.

Please therefore understand why our darling sad, confused, untrustworthy, frightened little Danny boy can be unpredictable towards men, and is quite nervous when first meeting you and needs to settle in slowly. Is there someone out there that can reassure him, give back the love he once knew, to enable him to trust that once again, like the song above will there ever be any pipes a calling for our Danny Boy?????? Or does he have to continue to hope, dream, wish for someone to call his name.

Look into those eyes, see his pain, reach out to him, give him a chance, give him time to trust you, give him back his life, give him the confidence, patience and love that he needs, LOVE that we all need. I know the right person is out there, make our Danny Boy"s wish come true, a loving home this Christmas, that day and every other one there on, FIND HIM PLEASE.





Gender/Age: Male 7yrs
Breed: Collie X
Colour: Tri colour
Location: Edenbridge

I am just not one of those dogs
Who are easily figured out
I keep my emotions bottled inside
And I don't think I ever shout

Don't say that you know how I'm feeling
You really don't have a clue
And has it not ever occurred
That maybe I'm not like you

Don't tell me that it will get better
What makes you so sure it can?
You don't even know what I'm facing
So how can you understand?

Don't tell me you know how I'm feeling
I'm tired of hearing lies
Don't act like you know me so well
'Cause if you did...
...You'd hear my painful cries.

I can"t keep seeing this boy"s sad, sad face, I can see the hope in his eyes, I can see the tears I am sure. He looks so dejected, so sad, so confused. Is there anyone out there that can give this boy a chance, he has been here year after year, it is breaking me keep seeing the despair in his face.

Wilson needs you, not tomorrow, not next week, NOW this very minute. Is there a sensible, committed, patient person out there that can give him a chance of a real home, a real life, as he deserves like all our animals deserve. How many more years does he watch and wait, that that one person might want him, one of these days, why is he so unlucky, it is not fair.

Our darling boy needs a special person, he is a special boy

Could you offer Wilson a forever home, or a forever foster home, PLEASE. Wilson is a very confident young man, he can be dominant with other dogs, and would suit a home where he is the only pet and better still with a single owner so he can be one to one with them. Wilson does not like to be over fussed, bit like some cats we all know, he doesn't mind a little fuss and when they have had enough they let you know.

For these reasons we would really like to find Wilson a home with a grown up family that have the patience and time to help him in the big world. He loves long walks away from other dogs and strangers and can play chase with a tennis ball for hours!



Gender/Age: Male
Breed: Staffie
Colour: Brindle
Location: Edenbridge

My Fears
© Samantha Medlin

Getting left behind
Not being loved
No one understanding
No one caring
are my fears

I was lost
No one tried to
find me
No one cared
No one listened

Wishing for another chance
Wishing for someone who
will come and save me
from myself.

Look at this beautiful boy's face, can you not see the hope that is in his eyes, he is crying out to be loved. Alfie has been with us too long now, I really want to find him a calm, quiet, home. Alfie is still learning and needs extra help from a patient owner to show him the ropes. Unfortunately our darling boy can get very stressed out about some things, so I am looking for that understanding owner to help our boy. The staff here understands what are his needs, and find it very easy to accomplished, so if you think you can offer this little chap a life line, please give us a call.

We all need to be understood, Alfie is no different with your help he just might get there. Please don't let him keep wishing and hoping that someone will come in today and take him away, how many more times does his hopes have to be dash, why can't someone give him a chance, please help take his and my pain away, and let him live new life away from the rescue.

Alfie is a very lively lad, who can be a little unpredictable. He is full of life and needs lots of exercise and would probably be best homed to someone who has experience of the breed. Alfie is good with other dogs but needs a calm home so we are suggesting no children.

If you feel you can offer him a loving home please call 01732 865530 10am-3pm to speak to the Manager Yuri or Assistant Manager Jenny who know this dog very well and can give you lots of information about him.




Gender/Age: Male 2yrs
Breed: Pincher
Colour: Tan
Location: Edenbridge

I think I might be a little obsessive.
I"m too insecure to trust that the people in my life will stay in my life.
I am dependent and reliant on other people,
to bring me happiness

I not I guess that"s what happens when you grow up alone.

I"ve had friends come in and out of my life,
and really, no one truly there for me.
But I was there for them.

I am selfless to the people that I don"t want to lose.
I will do whatever it takes to keep those people in my life.
Is that healthy? Is it healthy to be so worried about being alone?
Because that"s my biggest fear. I don"t want to be alone.
As much as I prefer solitude, I need someone, someone, to be there.
Just there.

Yogi is a very tiny, happy, friendly boy who loves having attention and going on his walks. He is very excitable, his tail is always wagging! Yogi likes his own space as he can be bed and food possessive. Therefore he will need an adult home only. Yogi is good with some dogs but not all.

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