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About the Charities Aid Foundation

Charities Aid Foundation

The origins of the Charities Aid Foundation date back to 1924, when the National Council of Social Service set up a Charities Department to encourage more efficient giving to charity. The department was later renamed the Charities Aid Fund and achieved much success in assisting the distribution of large sums of money for charitable purposes.
In 1974, the NCSS (now known as the NCVO or National Council for Voluntary Organisations), believing that the department would flourish through independence, constituted the Charities Aid Foundation as a registered charity and appointed its first board of independent trustees.

The development of CAF over that time, and particularly over the last decade, has been impressive. Today it handles over £1 billion a year for donors and charities, employs more than 300 staff in Kent and London and works across the world. It provides services to over 350,000 private individuals and many of Britain's largest companies. It passes donations, amounting to £130 million in 1998/9, to charities large and small and assists them in many other ways. It actively encourages debate about non-profit activity, through its research, conferences and seminars, and advocacy for an improved environment for charitable activity.

In short, CAF is a charity with a unique purpose: to do all in its power to ensure that charitable giving to all charities is as robust and effective as it can possibly be.

CAF has offices in various locations around the world but its headquarters are in the United Kingdom. Click here for their website.

The Charities Aid Foundation provide you with a secure way to donate to us online. Click on the Donate Online Now button.